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Atosa ATSP-18-1L-NG 18" Natural Gas - 80,000 BTU


Atosa USA, Inc. ATSP-18-1L-NG Product Description


Cleaning Instructions

Make sure that Atosa ATSP-18-1L-N Single Stock Pot Stove is unplugged from any power connection. When the equipment is already turned off and unplugged, lift out the drip pans and wash them in soapy water. Soak the burner with a mild liquid detergent and water, then clean it with a brush. To make sure that it will last for years, do not use highly corrosive cleaning chemicals or abrasive cleaning supplies. Follow the proper cleaning instructions in the Owner's Manual provided by the manufacturer.

Additional Info

The Atosa ATSP-18-1L-N Single Stock Pot Stove is C-ETL and C-ETL-US Sanitation Listed.

General Info

Atosa ATSP-18-1L-N Single Stock Pot Stove The Atosa ATSP-18-1L-N Single Stock Pot Stove features an all stainless steel exterior that ensures durability for long years. GENERAL INFO The Atosa ATSP-18-1L-N Single Stock Pot Stove is an outstanding cooking equipment that performs outstanding reliability in food establishments. As compared to Atosa ATSP-18-1-N Single Stock Pot Stove, this model is much smaller which can conveniently fit compact spaces. It has a unit dimension of 18 inches (W) × 20 9/10 inches (D) × 17 9/10 inches (H). The unit’s exterior is made of high-quality stainless steel. This includes the exterior sides and front valve covers. It is also designed with stainless steel legs to keep the entire unit strong and steady. With its high-quality construction, this stove is guaranteed durable and versatile making it perfect for heavy-duty operations. This appliance features two (2) cast iron burners to accommodate a high-volume of foods to cook. These burners are uniquely designed with three (3) rings that intend to provide an even distribution of heat. Thus, guaranteeing an efficient production of deliciously cooked meals at all times. For maximum convenience, the Atosa ATSP-18-1L-N Single Stock Pot Stove equipment is furnished with two (2) manual controls. These allow the users to monitor both the inner and outer rings individually. Being equipped with these manual controls gives the appliance a significant advantage against the competitors. Each burner has two (2) continuously on pilots and pilot tips for proper ignition. These ignitors come with stainless steel tubing for protection. To operate competently, this range includes a 3/4-inch NPT rear gas connection and a 4-inch (W.C.) pressure regulator. It is powered by a Natural Gas supply that can produce 40,000 BTU per hour. Combining the two burners, the Atosa ATSP-18-1L-N Single Stock Pot Stove unit can produce 80,000 BTU per hour. This unit comes with a full-width, removable stainless steel drip pan. This container ensures an easy cleaning procedure every after use.

Delivery Details

• Two or more people are required to handle the Atosa ATSP-18-1L-N Single Stock Pot Stove. • Check the dimension of the access path to the final location to make sure the equipment will fit. • A lift gate is required for this equipment if a loading dock is not available. • Upon receiving the equipment, immediately test its operation and gas supply line. • Carefully inspect the range for any sign of damage before signing the delivery receipt. • Verify the type of gas supply included in this equipment. Do not proceed with the installation, if the gas supply is not for Natural Gas. • Keep this equipment away from combustible substances or objects. • Obey all the relevant laws and codes when installing or operating this unit. • Maintain the installation clearances required for this equipment.

Maintenance Guide

The Atosa ATSP-18-1L-N Single Stock Pot Stove requires annual inspection and maintenance. It should be done by a professional technician. For daily cleaning and maintenance, make sure to turn off the range and unplug it from the power receptacle. Technicians must inspect all parts and accessories to determine if there are necessary repairs and replacements that should be done. For proper maintenance guidelines and cleaning materials, refer to the Owner’s Manual provided by the manufacturer.

Atosa USA, Inc. ATSP-18-1L Specs

Weight116.80 LBS
Burner Ring(s) Per Section:3
Burner Section Qty:1
Manufacturer:Atosa USA, Inc.
Total BTU:80000
is free shipping:no
Sale Price:512
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning