Amana CL10 Oven Cleaner Spray for ACP Ovens - Case of 6 Bottles


Product Specifications

Weight 14.50 Pound(s)
Dimensions 10.50(h) x 11.00(w) x 8.00(d)
Bottles 6
Sprayers 2


This Amana CL10 oven cleaner spray is suitable for all ACP Inc. ovens and all similar ovens. The pack includes 6 bottles and 2 sprayers. This cleaner pack helps preserve ideal oven efficiency and prolongs equipment lifespan.

Also know as ACP

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Product Highlights

  • Versatile - Suitable for all ACP Inc. ovens and all similar ovens
  • Full Set - Contains six bottles and two sprayers
  • Promotes Productivity - Helps preserve ideal oven efficiency
  • Protects Equipment - prolongs equipment lifespan
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