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Ventless Hood System

Ventless Hood System

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Ventless Hood Systems

Install the right type and size of ventless hoods to create a safe working environment for the staff

No matter the size of the food service operations, proper ventilation must always be provided! Here in Culinary Depot, we offer several types of kitchen hood systems that are engineered for a specific type of kitchen equipment. For the cooking equipment, we supply ventless hood systems. They are constructed in different space-efficient sizes to ensure they can deliver their intended function without compromising the kitchen’s quality space. They are also built to last! All the ventless hood units we supply are only made of robust materials to guarantee it will possess a long, high-performing service life.

The ventless hoods provide a smart solution for commercial establishments that require a reliable exhaust hood but don’t have sufficient space for ductwork installation. It is designed with cutting-edge filtration technology to ensure its reliability in removing condensation, smoke, odors, and other airborne elements surrounding the kitchen. When it comes to safety, our ventless hoods will not disappoint anyone! Each of the kitchen hood systems we supply can feature a fire suppression system to immediately extinguish the fire. There are some that feature an interlock system that prevents the staff to operate the cooking equipment when the hood is closed or turned OFF.

Get to know more about our offers by browsing our catalog now! Our offers are not limited to providing the correct type of ventilation equipment. We also supply spare parts and add-on accessories to maintain the good working condition of these ventless hood systems.