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Dynamic MX010.1.V MD95 Mini Mixer Variable Speed 6.5" 115V 180 Watts


Dynamic MX010.1.V Product Description

Cleaning Instructions

Start the cleaning of the Dynamic MX010.1.V Mini Immersion Mixer by rinsing the blade with water to remove all the food residue on it. Use a sponge or damp cloth with dishwashing soap after. Rinse it again under running water until all the soap is removed. For the handle, wipe all the dirt on it using a damp cloth.

Additional Info

The Dynamic MX010.1.V Mini Immersion Mixer obtained the following certifications: CE and ETL that conforms NSF STD 8 (Sanitation) and UL STD 763.

General Info

The Dynamic MX010.1.V Mini Immersion Mixer offers a robust and easy to use hand immersion mixer that can process any ingredients up to 9,500 RPM! The Dynamic MX010.1.V Mini Immersion Mixer is made with the highest quality of workmanship. The 6.5-inch foot and 2.20-inch diameter bell are made of stainless steel to ensure longevity and strong resistance to corrosion. While the cutter blade is titanium plated. The handle of this hand immersion mixer is durable too and furnished with the power button and a safety switch. Turn it on and it can mix up to 8 liters! This is ideal for preparing, but not limited to, soups and sauces. High-performing mixer in a small package! Rest assured that the Dynamic MX010.1.V Mini Immersion Mixer will never consume much space on your workspace or storage unit because it is built with a dimension of 17.52 inches of height and 3 inches of wide. With its weight of 3.2 pounds, you can bring it anywhere you need it! You just need to connect it to 115 volts, 60 Hz, and a single-phase power outlet for continuous and trouble-free operation. It also requires 180 watts.

Delivery Details

• Before signing the freight’s receipt, unpack carefully the shipping box and check the condition of the Dynamic MX010.1.V Mini Immersion Mixer. It must be free from any freight damages and the order is complete. • If it contains damages, make a note in all the copies of the freight’s bill and let the delivery person sign it. Contact the carrier immediately and file a claim. While waiting for it to resolve, it’s recommended to save all the packaging materials of the equipment. • This equipment includes sharp components, wear cut-resistant gloves whenever handling it.

Maintenance Guide

The Dynamic MX010.1.V Mini Immersion Mixer is required to clean twice every day – before and after use. Use a damp cloth for cleaning the handle. For the stainless steel parts, clean it using a sponge and mild dishwashing soap. To maintain its safety to contact food, sanitizing it is required. Please refer to the owner’s manual to know the other maintenance tasks required for this equipment.

Dynamic MX010.1.V Specs

Weight3.20 LBS
Speed:Variable Speed
Tags:Mixer, Hand Immersion
is free shipping:no
Sale Price:432
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning