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Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Food Warming Drawer Unit

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Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Product Description


Cleaning Instructions

Power down and disconnect the Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer from the electrical source before cleaning. Once the unit is cool the touch, scrub thoroughly at the drawer box and at the back of the drawer face using a clean washcloth dipped in a warm water and mild anti-grease detergent solution. To avoid damaging the exterior, follow the direction of the grain while scrubbing. Rinse the unit by wiping every surface with a wet cloth (take care not to drip water on its electrical components), then wipe it dry with a microfiber towel. To know the complete and detailed cleaning instructions for this unit, please refer to the manual/literature provided by the manufacturer.

Additional Info

The Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer is C-ETL-US and ETL-Sanitation compliant. Please specify the preferred electrical service upon checkout.

General Info

Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer Provide optimal heating and sanitation for your precooked food with the Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer. The Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer is an ergonomic food preparation unit that holds pre-cooked food at a thermometer-verified temperature. Designed to safely cater to hot food, this drawer is ideal for steamed vegetables, bread, rolls, steaks, and more. Simple and perfectly easy to use, it holds hot food directly or in separate containers or pans. It is ideal for commercial kitchens, breakfast buffets, diners, or cafeterias aiming to serve warm, hearty dishes throughout the day. With full insulation on all six of its sides (including the drawer fronts), the Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer guarantees the best temperature characteristics for your food. It is furnished with a removable, deep-drawn, 20” x 12” x 5” stainless steel steam pan and accommodates other pans size 12” x 20” or 5-¼” deep. The drawer fronts and cabinet exterior are made of stainless steel and fortified with an aluminized steel inner lining. Two (2) drawers glide on rugged third-member suspensions with five (5) guide bearings for effortless operation and five (5) roller bearings for load support, giving the unit 20 bearings in total. Each drawer has a positive-action, spring-loaded latching mechanism operated using the handle. For absolute precision, the Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer makes use of a front-mounted (below the drawer) hydraulic thermostat with an adjacent “safety zone” green signal light to regulate its tubular heating elements. Temperatures are adjustable from 100 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit through a thermostat knob (with knob guard) and can be neutralized any time with the “OFF” position. Crispiness and moisture content are also independently controlled by an adjustment knob at the center front above the drawer. In addition, a highly intuitive thermometer precisely reflects the temperature at the coolest point inside the server. This guarantees that food is always a temperature beyond bacterial growth or beneath drying and overcooking levels. The Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer comes with a compact, space-saving design and is framed with a fully welded, reinforced sheet steel. It weighs approximately 140 lbs. and has convenient dimensions of 29.19” (width) x 19.53” (depth) x 25.56” (height). Its frame is propped to its full height by sanitation agency-approved 4” adjustable legs. Configured for electrical specifications of 120 Volts/60 Hertz/1-Phase, 7.83 Amps, and 900 kilowatts, it is supplied with a factory-installed 3-foot cord and NEMA 5-15P plug.

Delivery Details

• The Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer requires several persons to lift it. • Kindly use a lift gate in case a loading dock is not available. • Prior to signing the delivery receipt, make sure to check the unit for damages and missing components or accessories (if any). • In case you find any damage upon delivery, write a note on the delivery form. Make sure that the delivery agent signs the damage claim. • The installation of the Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer must be performed by authorized service technicians to ensure the observance of all the applicable local and national safety and electrical codes. • Do not connect the Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer to a power source unless it has been verified to match the electrical specifications found in the manual/literature. • Please make sure to read the Installation Guide/specification sheet provided by the manufacturer to know the requirements and clearances when installing the unit. • The service technicians must place the warming drawer at a location that makes it easily accessible for proper cleaning, maintenance, and repair. • This unit is intended for commercial use and must not be installed outdoors.

Maintenance Guide

Always make sure that your Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Warming Drawer is in a stable and level position. Keep it safe from detrimental factors such as dripping water, steam, smoke, grease, and flammable substances. Before operating the unit, it is ideal to wipe the interior and exterior with a soft clothed rinsed in warm, soapy water. This should get rid of any substance or residue resultant of manufacturing. Kindly read the Owner’s Manual/literature provided by the manufacturer to know the proper use of the controls and the specific maintenance procedures for each component. Stringent compliance with the manual is the best way to guarantee the safety and long service life of this warming drawer.

Toastmaster 3B84DT09 Specs

Weight140.00 LBS
Controls:Thermostatic controls
Style:Standard drawer
Tags:Warming Drawer, Free Standing
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Sale Price:3282.4
⚠️ Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning