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Crepe Makers

Take your commercial kitchen to the next level with a commercial crepe maker! With a quality crepe maker, you have a way to create crepes, pancakes, blinis, tortillas and more, right in your kitchen. Culinary Depot stocks some of the best available crepe-cooking machines on the market, from leading manufacturers like Waring and Fleetwood. What’s more, we carry crepe machine accessories like sliding and pulping discs, making it easy to repair machines over time. Whether you’re running a hotel kitchen or a restaurant kitchen, our crepe makers give you what you need to expand your menu and create food quickly and efficiently.

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12 Results (Viewing 1 - 12 of 12)
12 Results (Viewing 1 - 12 of 12)

Any commercial kitchen could benefit from the unique capabilities of a crepe maker from Culinary Depot. By adding one to your kitchen, be it in a school, a hotel, a restaurant or elsewhere, you add a way to create delicious, impressive items like crepes or blinis. Wow your guests with thin, delicate treats that are perfect for stuffing with jams or other fillings. Add items like French galettes, sweet crepes or homemade tortillas to your regular offerings. Culinary Depot carries various crepe makers to expand your kitchen capabilities, from the Skyfood two-burner crepe-cooking machine to the Waring single-burner crepe maker. In business for more than 10 years, Culinary Depot is experienced at selling, installing and repairing commercial kitchen equipment for a wide range of clients. As a full-service restaurant equipment and supplies dealer, we both sell and service the products we offer. What’s more, our staff is made up of professionally licensed experts who know the ins and outs of commercial kitchens. When you come to us with a specific product or products in mind, we’re here to help, and when you come unsure of what you need, we can help with that, too. Culinary Depot is a high-volume vendor for all of our manufacturers, which means we’re able to get the best deals on the products we sell. We then pass those cost savings onto our customers, helping you save on equipment and supplies. So when you select commercial kitchen equipment from Culinary Depot, you are selecting equipment that’s designed to be both efficient and cost effective. From flatware to crepe makers, we have the products to suit you. Contact us today to learn more about the specific crepe makers we carry, and talk with one of our licensed specialists to gain advice on selecting the best one for your needs.