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Portion Steamers and Fast Steamer

Portion Steamers and Fast Steamer

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Portion Steamers and Fast Steamers

Heat pre-cooked foods in no time with sandwich steamers

Maintain natural form and flavors of food during steam operations by using portion steamers and fast steamers! Most ingredients and pre-cooked food require refrigeration to prolong their freshness. However, they may suffer from side effects such as loss of taste and soggy texture once reheated. Portion steamers, also known as sandwich steamers or tortilla steamers, are designed to warm food up without allowing them to suffer from such side effects. What they do is they release quick bursts of steam onto foods for moderate but effective heating. Aside from maintaining natural food flavors and shapes, they also help retain as many nutrients as possible for healthier food. We offer a selection of sandwich steamers designed to steam various food items such as tortillas, sandwiches, and more.

Our tortilla steamers are commonly designed for countertop or tabletop use. They can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, making them extremely convenient. They also help conserve space, which is beneficial most especially to kitchens with limited spaces. Moreover, they present durable construction for an attractive appearance and long-lasting operations. Heat soft, pre-cooked, or frozen foods in no time with tortilla steamers! Check our catalog to see our complete offerings of fast steamers and buy one today!