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World’s Best Restaurant Designs

Aug 28th 2018 - Restaurant,  Blog, 

World’s Best Restaurant Designs

When it comes to eating out, part of the fun is experiencing a restaurant’s design. Most buildings have unique styles that differentiate them. While restaurant design might not be as important as food or service, it can still be a reason to dine somewhere. This list includes a few of the world’s best restaurants when it comes to design and architecture.

H.R. Giger Museum Bar – Gruyeres, Switzerland

hr giger museum bar

Walking into the H.R. Giger Museum Bar is like walking into another universe. Designed by Swiss artist H.R. Giger, the bar features vertebrae-esque skeletal structures that are reminiscent of the 1979 film “Alien.” There are two different Giger bars, both of which are located in Switzerland. The roof, walls, chairs, and fittings all adhere to the skeletal style. In 2014, there were rumors of a Giger Bar coming to the United States. But so far nothing has become of them.

AMMO Restaurant – Hong Kong, China

ammo bar

This innovative restaurant was designed by Joyce Wang of Wang Studios. Taking inspiration from the 1965 film Alphaville, Wang made heavy use of copper as a reference to the site’s history as an explosives compound in the 19th century. The restaurant’s bizarre location only adds to its allure. While it’s technically in the city of Hong Kong, AMMO is found down a narrow path and is surrounded by jungle-like greenery.  

Le Pain Francais Restaurant – Gothernburg, Sweden

le pain francais restaurant

There are several Le Pain Francais bakeries throughout Gothenburg, Sweden. But there is only one Le Pain Fraincais Restaurant. Designed by Stylt Trampoli, the luxurious restaurant looks more like a fine museum than a place for dinner. Ornate decorations adorn the walls and hang from the ceilings. Bold furniture combines style with comfort. And since different parts of the restaurant have their own looks, Le Pain Francais is a locale that rewards repeat visits.   

Auriga Restaurant – Mumbai, India

auriga restaurant

Built in 2013 by architect Sanjay Puri, the Auriga restaurant utilizes a web of aluminum fins both inside and outside the building. Its abstract designs are even backlit to add an extra visual flare. Auriga restaurant is situated on the top floor, while the bottom floor is home to a nightclub. The restaurant portion has angular planes of wood strips that contrast the aluminum fins and accentuate the building’s contemporary style.

It’s one thing to read about these marvelous restaurants and see pictures of them. But it’s something else entirely to experience them in person. If you ever get to chance to dine at one of these restaurants, it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.