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Wood Top Work Table Parts & Accessories

Wood Top Work Table Parts & Accessories

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Wood Top Work Table Parts and Accessories

Replace old, possibly worn-out wood top work table components with their direct replacement parts or accessories

Restore existing wooden top work tables to a brand-new state with our superior collection of parts and accessories! Kitchen tables and stations are just as essential as cooking appliances. They provide a practical worksurface for culinary professionals to cook, bake, prepare, and chop food on. Likewise, an old, rickety table may prove just as harmful as a damaged range or oven. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer a complete selection of replacement parts and accessories for wooden top work tables.

We offer innovative table columns that don’t require the use of any utility tool. One can simply snap some corner locks in place to allow tables to be adjusted to a comfortable height. We offer solid, adjustable stainless-steel feet or table bases for stationary work tables. Casters are available for establishments seeking to have mobile, easily transportable units. We also have a complete set of hardware, from easy-to-install floor glides to kits containing screws of various sizes.

Most foodservice establishments aim to make a food prep station out of their wood top work tables. Undershelves and enclosed table bases are the perfect additions that will turn a standard table into an ergonomic multi-station. Best of all, one can switch out an unappealing worksurface with our tough yet elegant cherry wood, oak, mahogany, walnut, or bamboo top options. Browse our catalog now and stock up on parts and accessories that will enhance the functionality of wood top work tables!