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Wood-Gas Fired Oven

Wood-Gas Fired Oven

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Wood and Gas-Fired Ovens

Cook the best-baked meals evenly with wood or gas ovens

Commercial kitchens are best to be equipped with wood or gas-fired ovens to guarantee the great taste quality of food being served to the guests. Having control over the temperature of ovens help the chefs and cooks produce evenly and deliciously cooked foods at food establishments. Culinary Depot would love to contribute to the productivity of commercial kitchens by offering a full line of gas-fired ovens that can surely fit the needs of foodservice operations. This type of commercial oven is designed with burners wherein gas pressure is controlled. In this way, the temperature can be monitored and adjusted by the chefs and cooks to avoid undercooking or overcooking the foods. These gas-fired ovens are convertible to natural gas or liquid propane gas, depending on what the establishment requires.

On the other hand, Culinary Depot also carries top-quality wood-fired ovens for efficient and versatile cooking. Wood-fired ovens normally work by wetting wood chips, then heating them until they get to the user’s desired cooking temperature. As a result, the foods being cooked are guaranteed to have a tender and flavorful taste. With effortless authenticity and great temperature quality, wood-fired ovens are sure to be useful in busy kitchens.

In terms of technical specifications, our selection of wood and gas-fired ovens are constructed of high-quality stainless steel. They come in a variety of sizes and styles that can fit various kitchen spaces. These commercial ovens can also feature shelves, slides, and skewers that can accommodate low- to high-volume of foods. Overall, gas and wood-fired ovens are a great addition to commercial kitchens. To learn more about our commercial oven offerings, browse our catalog now!