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Underbar POS Cabinet

Underbar POS Cabinet

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Underbar POS Cabinets

Equip the food establishments with our high-quality underbar POS cabinets

Underbar POS cabinets are essential equipment for foodservice operations to provide a safe space for both cash drawers and POS machines. Culinary Depot is the best one-stop-shop to find top-quality POS cabinets and many other underbar equipment. Here, we offer an extensive selection of high-efficient underbar POS cabinets that are sure to keep the POS set-ups well-grounded. These underbar cabinets feature locking doors to ensure that the cash drawers are properly secured. More interestingly, these locking cabinet doors have integral handles and louver design allowing air to flow since POS monitors are delicate to handle.

Our selection of underbar POS cabinets is made of high-quality stainless steel, making them durable and long-lasting. They are designed with backsplashes to prevent water and other liquid components from splashing onto the POS monitors. Thus, effectively protecting them from any unwanted damages. Additionally, these underbar POS cabinets are designed with grommeted holes to let the necessary cords pass-through for the POS machines to efficiently operate.

Overall, our versatile underbar Point-Of-Service cabinets are perfect additions to foodservice operations. Browse our catalog now and take advantage of our great offers!