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Underbar Ice Bin

Underbar Ice Bin

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Underbar Ice Bins

Serve refreshingly cold beverages with the help of our underbar ice bins

Don't let the food establishments run out of clean and fresh ice. Equipped them with top-quality underbar ice bins! Ice bins are essential equipment for foodservice operations because they can efficiently stock up fresh ice throughout the day without melting. These ice bins can be conveniently installed under the bars where beverage preparations and services are done. We offer a full line of underbar ice bins that can guarantee to improve the productivity of the drinking services and save valuable space in food establishments.

Our selection of underbar ice bins comes in a variety of sizes that can accommodate a wide range of ice capacities. From small to large amounts of ice, these underbar ice bins are sure to work at maximum efficiency. Proven to be durable and versatile, these underbar ice chests are insulated, maintaining the ice dry and solid for long hours. More interestingly, some of our underbar ice storage units feature cold plates that allow beverages to run through the equipment, keeping them consistently chilled until it is ready to be served on guests.

These underbar ice bins are recommended additions to bars, restaurants, cafes, catering services, concession stands, and food trucks wherein a large number of guests are catered to. Hurry and get the best and latest underbar ice bins in Culinary Depot! Check out our catalog to learn more about our offerings.