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Tray Make-Up Conveyor

Tray Make-Up Conveyor

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Tray Make-Up Conveyors

Easily assemble food trays for service or cleanups with high-performing tray handling conveyors

Pre-arrange trays and other dining implements with incredible speed using our cutting-edge tray handling conveyors! Tray make-up conveyors have been providing world-class service to cafeterias, bakery lines, and food packaging facilities for decades. They conveniently manipulate trays for single filing, metering, combining, diverting, accumulating, and elevating. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the most comprehensive collection of tray conveyor equipment. Comprised of the finest components and technologies, they streamline a variety of culinary preparations and cleanups. Diners simply need to punch in their orders, then their food trays will be made up and delivered via a conveyor belt in a matter of minutes. These ergonomic machines are also excellent for conveyor belt sushi restaurants, otherwise known as “rotation sushi” establishments.

Constructed of nothing less than heavy-gauge stainless steel and other durable, food-safe materials, our tray make-up conveyors provide the highest levels of convenience and performance. They assemble and move food items, trays, and other dining accessories with significant speed and ease. They can also be furnished with built-in microphones to allow operators to call out tickets for each tray’s items. This way, it is easier for assembly line employees to check everything or make corrections as needed.

Furthermore, our tray conveyors are capable of handling virtually all types of trays. Whether they’re PET, thermoformed plastics, biodegradable, or even hard, compact steel, their speeds, and set systems should not easily falter. Browse our catalog now for tray make-up conveyors of various sizes, capacities, speeds, and control features. Set up the assembly line for success today!