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Tray Delivery Carts

Get a quality tray transport cart to improve the meal delivery service and food safety

Use a heavy-duty transport and storage cart to deliver hundreds of meal trays from the storage area to their intended locations, and vice versa! The meal tray delivery carts offer an innovative solution to improve the operation’s workflow and efficiency. They can provide this because each unit comes with a spacious storage cabinet that comes with multiple numbers of tray slides, angled or straight. The slides are mostly welded to the frame for a secure and strong attachment. Also, they come in different sizes and spacings to assure they can accommodate all sizes and shapes of meal trays. Deliver them quick and safe is made possible because each of the tray delivery carts is mounted with a set of heavy-duty casters.

Swivel casters are the popular type used for the meal tray delivery carts because they are easy to maneuver and can spin at 360 degrees. But we also have a few cart units that combined swivel and rigid casters. Together, they provide stability on carrying heavy loads of meal trays and versatility to run on any kind of floor surfaces. Soft rubber and polyurethane are the standard materials used for the casters because they never create unpleasant damages on the floor surfaces. Other features that may be included on the casters are ball bearings for a quiet operation and a locking brake system to provide stability when immobile.

The tray delivery carts are available with an open and enclosed unit. The open-designed carts are completed with a solid top and base. While the enclosed carts can be fashioned with a solid door, push handle, and a drain. The tray delivery carts can be designed with a low profile or in full size. For the complete list of features, visit our catalog now! We also offer replacement parts and accessories for each brand model.