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Culinary Depot Culinary Depot

Banquet Cabinets & Accessories

Whether a wedding or a retirement party, every banquet needs hot, delicious food.  We offer a vast selection of banquet hall equipment that will help you satisfy your largest parties.

Our heated banquet cabinets ensure your plates of food remain hot until serving time.  These cabinets are available with a single or double door, and come equipped with wheels for easy transportation.  We also carry banquet carts that are excellent for distributing and collecting dishes and silverware.

Both our cabinets and carts are available in a variety of unique models.  So no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our catalog.

Busy banquet kitchens can also benefit from our dish rack dollies and bussing carts.  Our storage racks are perfect for drying large quantities of trays and dishes.