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    Culinary Depot will be closed starting at 1pm ET on Sunday September 23. We will reopen at 9am on Wednesday October 3.

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    Online ordering will pause during the following holiday observance periods:

    • 6:33pm ET Sunday, Sept 23 until 7:37pm Tuesday, Sept 25
    • 6:24pm Friday, Sept 28 until 7:30pm Saturday Sept 29
    • 6:21pm Sunday, Sept 30 until 7:250pm Tuesday Oct 2

    Orders placed before 10am Friday Sept 21 will be processed prior to the holiday closing.

    Orders placed after this time will be processed when we reopen on Wednesday Oct 3.

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    Closed Days in September

    Sizzling Platters and Fajita Skillets

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    71 products found.

    Winco SIZ-11ST Platter & Underliner set


    Winco SIZ-11BST Platter & Underliner set | 1/St


    Royal Industries ROY CI 1717 Fajita Griddle


    Royal Industries ROY CI 1718 Fajita Griddle Liner


    Royal Industries ROY RSP Sizzle Platter


    Royal Industries ROY RSP L WD Sizzle Platter Liner


    Royal Industries ROY RSP SS O Sizzle Platter


    Royal Industries ROY RSP SS OH Bakelite Holder


    Royal Industries ROY RSP SS R Sizzle Platter


    Royal Industries ROY RSP SS RH Bakelite Holder


    Bon Chef 9084W Rectangular Sizzle Platter Underliner [Case]


    Winco APL-11 Oval 11" Sizzling Platter


    Winco SIZ-11B Rectangular 11" Sizzling Platter


    Winco APL-10 Oval 10" Sizzling Platter


    Winco APL-10UL Oval 10" Underliner


    Winco APL-12 Oval 12" Sizzling Platter


    Winco APL-11UL Oval 11" Underliner


    Bon Chef 8000 Oblong Wood Underliner [Case]


    Winco ISP-3 Oval Steak Platter [Set]


    Bon Chef 5037I Skillet [Case]


    Winco APL-12UL Oval 12" Underliner


    Bon Chef 8001 Oblong Wood Underliner [Case]


    Winco SWU-11B Oblong Underliner


    Bon Chef 5084T Tempo Skillet [Case]


    Winco FS-2-UL Oval Underliner


    Bon Chef 9020T Tempo Crescent Plate [Case]


    Winco ISP-3-UL Oval Underliner


    Bon Chef 82035UB Oval Unbreakable Underliner [Case]