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Sink Cabinet

Sink Cabinet

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Sink Cabinets

Keep the cleaning supplies within reach by storing them in our sink cabinets

Maintain clean and organized kitchen areas with the help of our sink cabinets! Sink Cabinets provide generous storage spaces to hold all the cleaning products and supplies in one secure place. Commercial kitchens equipped with sink cabinets can help the kitchen staff find everything they need quickly and hassle-free. Thus, getting the cleaning tasks done in no time. Here in Culinary Depot, we offer a full line of highly-efficient sink cabinets that are designed with corner and straight designs.

Aside from plenty of storage space, our under sink cabinets offer more unique features. One notable feature it has is the adjustable feet design to provide the users' desired working height. These adjustable feet also ensure that these sink cabinets are installed steadily despite having uneven kitchen floors. Moreover, these sink cabinets feature reliable backsplashes to keep water and other liquid products from reaching the walls. With installed backsplashes, the sink areas are conveniently kept clean and dry at all times.

Durable and versatile, these sink cabinets are constructed of high-quality stainless steel which guarantees to last a long time. Additionally, they come in various sizes that will surely fit small to large kitchen spaces of food establishments. Make sure to check out our catalog to learn more about our offerings!