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    Serving Tongs and Scissor Tongs

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    88 products found.

    Vollrath 46733 Contemporary Style Serving Tongs


    Vollrath 46732 Contemporary Style Serving Tongs


    Royal Industries ROY ST 404 Snail Tong


    Crestware SIM12 7" Tong


    Crestware TNGST8 8" Spaghetti Tong


    Royal Industries ROY 0084 Spaghetti Tong


    Bon Chef 9461BF EZ Use Banquet Serving Tongs


    Bon Chef 9469 EZ Use Serving Tongs


    Bon Chef 9469BF EZ Use Serving Tongs


    Winco PTOS-8 Stainless Steel 7-3/4" Salad Tong


    Vollrath 46928 Stainless Steel Bread Tong


    Vollrath 46645 Stainless Steel Windway Hollow Handle Buffet Tong


    Winco SND-T6 Stainless Steel 6 Hole Snail Tong


    Winco ST-10S Stainless Steel Slotted/Solid Spatula Scissor Salad Tong


    Vollrath 46989 Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tong


    Winco ST-8 Stainless Steel 8" Spaghetti Tong


    Winco PT-8 Stainless Steel 7-1/2" Pastry Tong


    Winco PPT-11K Plastic / Poly - 11" Spaghetti Tong


    Vollrath 46929 Stainless Steel Pastry Tong


    Vollrath 46938 Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Buffet Tong


    Winco ST-105SF Stainless Steel Spatula/Fork Scissor Salad Tong


    Vollrath 48425 Silverplated Salad Tong


    Winco PT-10P Stainless Steel 10" Pastry Tong


    Vollrath 46760 Stainless Steel Snail Tong


    Vollrath 48427 Silverplated Scallop Tong


    Winco ST-2 Stainless Steel 10" Salad Tong


    Winco ST-10 Stainless Steel 10" Salad Tong Scissor


    Winco PT-875 Stainless Steel 8-3/4" Pastry Tong