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Salamander Broiler and Cheese Melter

Salamander Broiler and Cheese Melter

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Salamander Broilers and Cheese Melters

Serve cheese lovers the most sumptuous cheesy dishes using high-quality cheese melters

Create the perfect finish for the dishes using only the best type of commercial broiler! Maillard reaction or Maillard browning gives dishes their enticing appearance and unique flavor. It’s the reason why casseroles, sandwiches, and other dishes covered in cheese are served slightly brown at the top. Seared steaks, biscuits, and other types of bread are also served best after they have been lightly browned. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the most effective commercial cooking equipment that creates this delicious effect in food.

Two popular types of cooking equipment that can deliver this attractive, flavorful finish are the salamander broilers and cheese melters. Due to this capability, these equipment are also aptly referred to as food finishers. To promote maximum convenience, most of these units can easily attach to an existing cook range. An excellent salamander broiler allows chefs to lightly scorch the top of casseroles or reheat food that’s been previously cooked. It has a heating element above the food that generates high temperatures, hence why it is also marketed as an infrared salamander broiler.

Some salamander broiler models are capable of sustaining heat while on standby, allowing you to add finishing touches at the last minute to prevent food from becoming too dry. A good countertop cheese melter, on the other hand, is ideal for warming plates of cheesy pasta and melting nacho or fondue cheese. Though made specifically to melt cheese or elicit a Maillard reaction, a cheese melter can also be used to warm sauces, melt candy bars for dipping chocolate, or toast baguette slices.

All the commercial salamander broiler and cheese melter included in our catalog are available in natural gas, liquid propane gas, and electric food finisher units. Browse our catalog now and get an ergonomic cheese melter or salamander broilers that guarantee to serve dishes that are pleasing to both the eye and the tastebuds!