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Old Hickory BBQ N/7.7GBS Batch Rotisserie

Product Specifications

Weight 1200.00 Pound(s)


Hickory's Model 7.7 Rotisserie is 7our largest batch cooking model, and has been designed with a 360 degree merchandising characteristic. The 7.7 is the right application for those restaurants and prepared food establishments that want to highlight their freshly prepared rotisserie products. The 7.7 can optionally use a combination of woods such as mesquite, hickory, oak, or charcoal, in combination with infrared gas burner/generators, to assure even and consistent cooking. The Model 7.7 uses a double rotational planetary drive system to assure the utmost product quality. An optional rear fireplace burner can be used with ceramic logs or infrared ceramics to simulate an eye-catching open [hearth] merchandising effect.

Cooking: The unit has the versatility to operate as two separate cooking areas to allow for staggered batch timing, or to allow for the preparation of different products without co-mingling the individual product flavors. Thermostatic controls enable automatic temperature activation of the infra-red gas generators, and assure that the gas burners will ignite when the cooking temperature falls below a prescribed setting. In less than 12 square feet the 7.7 can accommodate 56 chickens per batch and cook them to perfection in less than one hour. The 7.7 will also accommodate turkeys, roasts and ducks. Optional attachments are available to cook product that cannot easily be placed on a spit.

Merchandising: The interior cooking area is fully illuminated with angled flood lighting. 90% of the exterior surface of the cooking compartment can be covered with heat resistant tempered glass to allow for a fully unobstructed view of the roasting product. The unit can be optionally configured for pass-through applications. The 7.7's best viewing position is in the center of an establishment to allow for consumer vistas from all sides.

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4 easy payments of $6,759.45 0% interest no credit check!
4 easy payments of $6,759.45 0% interest no credit check!

Product Highlights

  • 42 to 56 bird capacity (3 1/2 to 4 lb +)
  • Rear wall of flame for full merchandising of product
  • Front pivot glass doors for full view of product
  • Double rotation for genuine rotisserie cooking(Drums and spits rotate)
  • Dual cooking chambers have separate cooking controls to allow different temperatures and products
  • Allows combination of spits and rotating baskets to be cooked simultaneously
  • Foot pedal allows stopping of the motor for easy loading and unloading
  • Water drip trays for humidified cooking Front lighting enhances the appeal of cooked product
  • Pull out loading & unloading drawers
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