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Federal RSSM-478SC Refrigerated Self-Serve Specialty Merchandiser

Product Specifications

Weight 925.00 Pound(s)
Dimensions 78.00(h) x 47.25(w) x 35.25(d)
Power Supply 3-wire plus ground
Unit Power 0.75 Hp
Temperature 75°F (23.9°C) (Maximum Operating)
Humidity 55% (Maximum Relative)
Display Area Four 15” x 45” (38.1 cm x 114.3 cm) shelves
Electrical 120V/208-240 V/60Hz/1-phase, 13A
Electrical (Remote) 120 V/60 Hz/1-phase, 4A


The RSSM-478SC Refrigerated Self-Serve High-Profile Specialty Merchandiser from Federal Industries is designed with impulse sales in mind. The stainless steel display deck has four 15” x 45” metal display shelves with price tag moldings are adjustable into flat or slanting positions and are enclosed within black colored glass ends and a black colored back panel.

The refrigerated self-serve merchandiser keeps your merchandise fresh by keeping the temperature control between 30 and 40°F, and automatic defrost ensures that there is no ice formation inside the display shelves.

To allow customers to peruse what you have on offer, the display also includes an Octron top light. A pull-out refrigeration assembly ensures easy service. To save on energy, this environment friendly unit comes with a night curtain and is insulated with high-density urethane foam. The UL listed unit is certified for safety and sanitation. A black front metal grille and silver trim provide an aesthetic look.
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4 easy payments of $2,040.08 0% interest no credit check!
Login or Call for pricing 888-926-3243
4 easy payments of $2,040.08 0% interest no credit check!

Product Highlights

  • Welded steel base construction and black metal front grille and galvanized steel back
  • Adjustable black metal shelves with price tag molding and stainless steel display deck
  • Glass and black interior ends and DOE 2012 compliant
  • Black interior back panel and shielded Octron top light
  • Energy-saving night curtain and automatic defrost and insulated with high-density urethane foam
  • On-demand PTC condensate evaporator provided for a totally self-contained system
  • R404A refrigeration system and pull-out refrigeration assembly for easy service
  • Thermometer and silver trim and rear of the case needs to be 6" from wall
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