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Duke E102-G Double Deck Full Size Gas Convection Oven

Product Specifications

Weight 1020.00 Pound(s)
Dimensions 72.50(h) x 38.00(w) x 39.50(d)
Burner 40000 BTU/hour
Temperature Range 200°-500°F
Power Type Gas
Gas Connection 3/4"
Section 2


The E102-G Double Deck Full Size Gas Convection Oven from Duke incorporates a double section which includes five oven racks and is powered by 40,000 BTU, high output atmospheric burner system. The ignition system employs an electronic pilot relight system.

The construction comprises stainless front, standard built-in gas regulator, 8” angular legs, porcelain enameled interior, and 5 racks. The doors are 50/50 independent stainless steel, insulated, and hinged on 0.625” solid stainless steel shafts with oil impregnated bronze bushings for each door. The bottom, back and sides are fully insulated with 1.5” thick board type insulation and the top have 3” thick insulation. The unit is completely front serviceable.

The oven is furnished with a main gas shut off valve in the control panel area. The 1-hour dial timer, interior lights, electric buzzer, and double pane glass doors add to its convenience. The doors have roller style latch and catch mechanism. Featuring painted sides and top, the unit has stainless steel front. The porcelain enameled interior features 0.875” radius and coved corners.

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4 easy payments of $1,155.00 0% interest no credit check!
4 easy payments of $1,155.00 0% interest no credit check!

Product Highlights

  • 40,000 BTU burner system and 1.5” insulation on bottom, sides, and back
  • Porcelain interior and 3” insulation on top
  • 50/50 independent stainless steel doors, main gas shut off valve, and built-in gas regulator
  • Double pane glass in both doors and 5 racks
  • 8” angular stainless steel legs/adjustable feet
  • Stainless steel front and painted sides, top
  • High output atmospheric burner system and 200 to 500°F dial type thermostat
  • Power off/cook switch, interior lights, 1-hour dial timer, and electric buzzer
SKU: E102-G
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