Rational A118106.43 (Scc We 101 E 480V) Selfcooking Center 5 Senses Combi Oven/Steamer

Product Specifications

Weight 356.00 Pound(s)
Dimensions 40.00(h) x 33.25(w) x 30.38(d)
Full Size Hotel Pan Capacity (10) 12" x 20" pans
Control Type programmable
Type large model requires stand
Steam Type steam generator
Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR®
Half Size Sheet Pan Capacity (10) 13" x 18" pans
Interior Finish stainless steel


(SCC WE 101 E 480V) SelfCooking Center 5 Senses Combi Oven/Steamer, electric, (10) 13" x 18"half size sheet or (10) 12" x 20" full size hotel pan capacity, iCookingControl with 7 modes, HiDensityControl, iLevelControl, Efficient CareControl, Combi-Steamer with 3 modes, core temp probe with 6 point measurement, hand shower with automatic retracting system, ethernet interface, 480v/60/3-ph, 27.0 amps, 19.0 kW (dual voltage: retrofitable to 440v/60/3-ph, 24.9 amps, 19.0 kW) ENERGY STAR