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Price Tag Channel Holder

Price Tag Channel Holder

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Price Tag Holders

Display the products’ prices using top-quality price tag holders

Inform the customer about the product's latest prices using an easy-to-change price tag holder! It’s essential to keep the customer’s well-informed about the current prices of the food products. Professionally display it using easy-to-install price tag holders. We have a large selection of price display holders that are designed for various types of installations. The simplest type we offer is made for baked goodies such as bread. This price tag holder is built from durable plastic with a trident design. It is fashioned with white color to ensure it will stand out from the display case.

For commercial wire shelves, we offer plastic price tag holders that can easily snap onto the shelf’s edges. Place the printed price by simply sliding it on its dedicated display board. This is available in clear and grey colors and a variety of sizes. Other plastic-made price tag holders are built with a slanted design for better visibility. A cover may be included to protect the printed price from the dust and dirt. If the operation has a gondola shelf, the channel wobbler is the best price tag holder to get.

These are only a few of the many price tag display holders we carry. Browse our catalog now and discover them all!