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Outdoor Steamer and Outdoor Fryer

Outdoor Steamer and Outdoor Fryer

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Outdoor Steamers and Outdoor Fryers

Provide quality outdoor dining experience with outdoor steamers and fryers

Cook meals for outdoor events using a reliable outdoor deep fryer! Every cooking equipment must be compatible with their designated working environment. Indoor kitchens must use indoor cooking equipment, while outdoor kitchens must use outdoor cooking equipment. This is to ensure proper cooking and safe operations. We offer a selection of outdoor fryers and steamers ideal for restaurants with al fresco dining setups, outdoor parties, and even cooking competitions. Greet guests with enticing seafood meals steamed by an outdoor steamer. Also, serve tender fish, chickens, and other meat cooked using an outdoor fish fryer.

Our selection features outdoor deep fryer models in varying sizes to accommodate different production needs. Outdoor fryers with capacities of 4 gallons and less are considered low-production models. Meanwhile, units with capacities of 12 gallons and more are ideal for high-production use. Outdoor steamers also come in different sizes with some accommodating whole-size turkeys!

We also have multiple fry basket fryer models to allow simultaneous cooking and prevent cross-contamination. Cook outdoors comfortably with outdoor fryers and steamers! Most, if not all, of our outdoor fryers are self-contained for convenient transportation and operations. Check our catalog to see our complete offerings.