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Meat Press

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Meat Presses

Churn out chicken breasts, cutlets, and patties in record time with our reliable commercial meat presses

Easily produce large volumes of pressed meat with the help of our durable and easy-to-use meat presses! Despite the rising popularity of vegan cuisine, food enthusiasts are still mostly comprised of meat lovers. The average person consumes a burger or two in a week, while others crave some type of protein to go with their salads. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the best countertop equipment for the preparation of all kinds of meat. Meat presses, also marketed as patty presses, are certain to benefit foodservice establishments serving burgers, steaks, lobsters, ducks, and other savory, high-protein dishes.

A good meat press should reduce the time and effort spent on flattening food. Using a sturdy, straightforward crank, our meat press pushes a couple or several pieces of chicken breast, fillet, or ground beef onto a heavy-duty plate. The results are tender pieces of meat with all their natural, flavorful juices still intact. Get robust, corrosion-resistant units made of premium, easy-to-clean stainless steel. Browse our catalog now for meat, patty, duck, or lobster presses that will yield the best products with one efficient push!