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Culinary Depot

Krowne KR18-R90 - Royal 1800 Series 90 Degree Rear Angle Flat Top Corner Filler

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Product Specifications

Weight 20.00 Pound(s)
Dimensions 18.00(h) x 19.00(d)
Corner Fill Angle (degree) 90°
Top flat top
Shape clipped front & rear
Type modular
Splash 7"
Design inside angle
Construction stainless steel top & front


Krowne Metal (Model KR18-R90) Royal 1800 Series, Rear Angle Flat Top Corner Filler, 90 Degree Angle, 19" Front to Back, 7" Backsplash, Galvanized Steel Top & Front

19" front to back depth. Flat top without drainboard pattern. Additional Search Keywords: KR18R90
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