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Induction Thermal Delivery Heater

Induction Thermal Delivery Heater

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Induction Thermal Delivery Heaters

Ensure that customers are served only hot and delicious food by using our top-of-the-line induction thermal delivery heaters

Deliver food as if it came straight out of the chef’s pan or oven using our cutting-edge induction thermal delivery heaters! Nothing beats the texture, aroma, and flavor of freshly-cooked food. Despite current concerns regarding public health, a lot of diners would still rather eat out than have food delivered. Take part in the group of companies that let customers enjoy fresh food in the safety of their homes! Here at Culinary Depot, we offer a selection of thermal food delivery systems known as induction thermal delivery heaters. Also known as induction heaters, these commercial delivery heaters ensure that food is delivered as though it never left the foodservice establishment. This way, customers no longer have to reheat packaged meals in the microwave or stove, or pop their pizzas back in the oven.

Though available in various wattages, these induction-charged thermal delivery heaters take only about 30 minutes to circulate hot air around the food. Charging is even faster – taking less than 3.5 minutes for some more advanced models. Each unit comes with a seamless, easy-to-clean charger surface. The whole unit itself is designed to withstand grease, oil, flour, and other food residues. Often furnished with a brilliant LED display, these heaters show operators the length of time they have been charging or generating heat.

Automatic shut-off is also provided to keep both the food and the unit from being overheated. For maximum convenience, each heater may be purchased with a cordless delivery bag. Browse our catalog now for quality induction thermal delivery heaters and equip the delivery service crew for greater efficiency!