Ice-O-Matic ICE0605FR Ice Series Modular Cube Ice Maker

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Product Specifications

Weight 170.00 Pound(s)
Dimensions 20.06(h) x 30.13(w) x 24.25(d)
Width 30 - 39" wide
Refrigeration remote
Condenser air-cooled
Ice Type full size / dice cubes


This Ice-O-Matic ICE0605FR modular ice maker produces up to 555 lbs of full-size ice cubes per 24 hours. Requiring a remote condenser unit, this air-cooled ice machine uses less energy than similar units and can reduce operating costs.


Perfect for grocery stores, this ice cube maker measures 20"H x 30"W x 24"D and generates minimal noise. Boasting a built-in antimicrobial compound that prevents the growth of bacteria, the unit also features a nickel-plated evaporator plate that limits corrosion caused by water and ice.


A harvest assist feature expedites ice production while reducing energy consumption. This Ice-O-Matic ICE0605FR ice machine also has a stainless steel interior and exterior to protect against dents and scratches. 

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Product Highlights

  • ICE Series Modular Cube Ice Maker
  • Air-cooled
  • Remote condenser
  • Approximately 555 lb/252 kg production/24 hours
  • Produces full-size cubes
  • Filter-free air
  • PURE ICE built-in antimicrobial protection
  • Harvest assist produces ice consistently and reduces operating costs
  • 230v/50/1-ph, 10.4 amps
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