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Ice Dispenser Parts and Accessories

Ice Dispenser Parts and Accessories

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Service Parts and Accessories for Commercial Ice Dispensers

Fully utilize the ice dispenser by adding functional and versatile accessories

Installing the right service parts or accessories allows the commercial ice dispensers to smoothly release the ice. Get everything the ice dispensing equipment needs only here at Culinary Depot! We have a broad range of commercial ice dispenser parts and accessories available in our catalog. Since our ice dispensing equipment is electric-powered, the most common service parts we offer are dedicated to their electronic parts such as control boards, motors, cords, and plugs. Install these components properly and they guarantee to keep the ice dispenser safe and run seamlessly for years. For the replacement parts, we offer OEM and equivalent parts to ensure the equipment and its warranty are well-protected.

The commercial ice dispensing equipment is built to release a specific type of ice. To easily convert it, we offer an ice dispenser accessory kit. Its design varies on the manufacturer. But as standard, they are built with an agitator exclusively designed for a specific type of ice (nugget, flake, and more), adapter, and a diverting plate. The latter is added for smooth pushing of ice. Adapter kits are one of the versatile accessories we supply. These kits are built to securely mount the ice dispensers on their compatible ice makers.

Increasing the height of the ice dispenser is a smart solution to keep all the contaminants away from the ice supplies. We make it achievable by offering various styles and sizes of ice dispenser stand. These are only a few of the incredible service parts and accessories we supply. To learn more about our offers, browse our catalog now!