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Ice Bag

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Ice Bags

Use our portable ice bags to keep the ice supplies clean during transport

A high-performing commercial ice machine can produce a high-volume of ice per hour. Ensure to keep all the produced ice clean with our high-quality ice bags. An ice bag is the smart bagging solution to secure the ice supplies. It acts as a protective shield to keep the ice away from dirt and bacteria. Our large selections of ice bags will never let anyone down. Each bag is built with utmost elasticity and durability, ensuring that it will never rip easily. With their individual strength, they guarantee to prevent leaks and can withstand the low temperatures produced by the freezer. This makes it more convenient and efficient for safekeeping.

Most of the ice bags we carry can also come with a drawstring or twist ties to ensure a tight and secure seal. Each ice storage bag is available in a variety of sizes to ensure they can store all volume capacity of ice. Reusable or disposable, whichever type of ice bags the operation needs we can ensure to deliver it on time. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selection of ice bags and other supplies designed for commercial ice machines.