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Hot Tea Urn

Hot Tea Urn

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Hot Tea Urns

Fill elegant china cups with authentic-tasting brewed tea with our world-class hot tea urns

Serve robust, authentic hot teas at Asian-style establishments using our ergonomic, elegant-looking hot tea urns. Black, white, green, oolong, or matcha – whatever the preference, tea is a universally beloved drink. When served steaming hot in a lovely china cup, tea instantly relaxes diners after a long, grueling day. Serve unlimited quantities at Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian-style buffets with the help of reliable hot tea urns!

Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the finest selection of hot tea urns. Establishments may set them up for back-of-the-house use or install one at each dining table to allow for customer self-service. Constructed of premium-grade stainless steel and quality components, our commercial tea dispensers and urns can brew, hold, and serve high volumes of tea. Each unit may feature one to three separate tanks and spigots to accommodate different products.

Other models brew and hold up to three gallons of tea, while some can cater to a whopping six gallons. Browse our catalog today for commercial hot tea urns and provide non-coffee drinkers with a warm, thoughtful beverage alternative!