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Food Sprayers

Evenly shower the dishes with delicious finishing glaze using a handy food spray gun

Brushing is the standard technique in applying the finishing touches of the food. To make the process faster and more productive, a food sprayer is the perfect kitchen tool for the job! A food sprayer, or sometimes called a food spray gun, is built to apply any finishing to the food products in a shorter time while minimizing wastage. We have a wide selection of these kitchen tools where each is designed for spraying a specific type of ingredient.

A multi-sprayer food gun is an ideal type for applying oil, egg wash, and other low to medium viscosity liquids. A few of the brands we supply offer different styles of nozzles for fast and accurate spraying. The flat-jet-nozzle is perfect for spraying on flat surfaces, objects, or food products. But the bent nozzle is the versatile choice as it can spray the finishing ingredients in multiple directions – upward, downward, angled, or on edges.

Pastries are food products that feature a beautiful finishing glaze. Whether it is chocolate, jellies, cocoa butter, or marzipans, our chocolate spray gun can deliver excellent results in every use! Its unit is often completed with a manual press, adjustable jet spray, and clear graduations. But we also carry other chocolate spray guns that feature a heating unit and nozzle warmer to prevent the chocolate from hardening and clogging the nozzle. The temperature ranges it can maintain varies on the manufacturer. It is also powered by electricity.

All our food sprayers are made from food-grade materials. Learn more about our offerings and their respective features by browsing through our catalog now!