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    Culinary Depot will be entirely closed in the observance of the Shavuot Holiday.

    At that time feel free to browse our site and add any items to your cart or wishlist and check out when we reopen.

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    Closed Days in May

    Food Pan Drain Trays

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    14 products found.

    Royal Industries ROY PCDT 2000 Drain Tray

    This Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Crestware FP6DT 1/6 size Food Pan Drain Tray


    Cambro 63CLRHP150 1/6 Size, Perforated Amber H-Pan Colander


    Cambro 65CLRHP150 1/6 Size, Perforated Amber H-Pan Colander


    Cambro 60CWD135 1/6 Size Clear Camwear Drain Shelf


    Cambro 60CWD110 1/6 Size Black Camwear Drain Shelf


    Carlisle 3089613 Amber Storplus High Heat Drain Shelf


    Cambro 60PPD190 1/6 Size Translucent Drain Shelf


    Cambro 63CLRCW135 1/6 Size, Perforated Clear Camwear Colander


    Cambro 60HPD150 1/6 Size Amber H-Pan Drain Shelf


    Winco SP76DS Clear Poly-Ware Drain Shelf


    Cambro 65CLRCW135 Clear Camwear Colander


    Thunder Group PLPA7160DS Polycarbonate Drain Shelf - Clear


    Thunder Group PLPA7160DSBK Polycarbonate Drain Shelf - Black