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    We are closed in the observance of the Sabbath, feel free to browse our site and add any items to your cart or wishlist and check out Saturday night when we reopen at 4:47pm EST

    Please feel free to browse through our website, and to add items to your cart or wishlist

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    Sholem Potash - Executive Chef

    Our Mentor, Teacher, and President.


    With the guidance of Sholem Potash, Culinary Depot has not only become a successful commercial kitchen equipment supplier, but a company built on the backbone of knowledge, experience, dedication, and care. We are not just colleagues and employees, we are a family.


    Sholem Potash, who began his professional kitchen furnishing and installation career in 1998, spent well over 20 years in the kitchen and restaurant business honing and perfecting his craft. During this time he gained the insight and experience needed to successfully launch Culinary Depot and grow it into the successful and thriving business it is today.


    As our President, Sholem has grown into a leader we admire, a figure we can look up to, and a friend we can confide in. With his guidance and direction, Culinary Depot is and will continue to be a company steeped in values, dedication to our customers, and excellent service.