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Drop-In Range

Drop-In Range

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Drop-In Ranges

Equip countertops with clean and attractive drop-in ranges

For seamless design and easier cleaning, cook with drop-in ranges! Built into the counter or tabletop, a drop-in range presents a seamless, integrated design. It has the same height as the surface, so the work area looks clean and spacious. Also, it minimizes cleaning for a more sanitary environment. It complements kitchens with open layout designs. Moreover, it is ideal for use in front-of-house operations or restaurants that allow customers to view the cooking process. It requires custom cabinet or countertop construction for an organized set-up. Our selection includes drop-in ranges with various features to cater to different operations’ needs.

Our drop-in range models are available in gas and electric variants. A drop-in gas range provides reliable operation. Simply turn the gas supply on and it will instantly light the burners. Since the flame has direct contact with the cookware, it cooks the food quicker. Meanwhile, a drop-in electric range provides more consistent heat and results. Not to mention, it offers safer cooking.

We also offer units with single or multiple burners to meet both low- and high-volume production demands. Multiple-burner drop-in stove models often feature individual controls for customized and energy-saving operations. Integrate a drop-in range into the countertop for a work area that is clean in the eyes. Browse through our catalog to see our complete offerings of drop-in ranges.