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Draft Beer Drip Trays and Accessories

Draft Beer Drip Trays and Accessories

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Drip Trays and Accessories for Draft Beer Systems

Keep the draft beer and other bar refrigeration systems neat and sanitary with ergonomic drip trays

Delight bar patrons with quick, efficient service by furnishing the establishment with a quality-made draft beer system! Complete them with drip trays and other handy accessories to provide utmost sanitation and efficacy. Draft beer, also known as draught beer, has been the favorite alcoholic beverage of many for a very long time. It goes well with fried foods and counterbalances the taste of rich, salty dishes. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer parts and accessories that will help establishments serve their signature beer with ease. We offer drip trays, drink rails, and spill grates of various designs and mounting styles. Establishments may select among surface-, underbar-, and wall-mounted configurations. Some drip trays even come with convenient glass rinsers and larger column cutouts.

We also have heavy-duty bottle openers, bottle cap catchers, and cap catchers with built-in bottle openers. From hardware such as gaskets, shanks, and beer threads, to customizable beer growlers, we offer everything required for an efficient bar refrigeration system. Get high-quality draft beer drip trays and accessories by browsing our catalog today!