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Dome Cart

Dome Cart

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Dome Carts

Organize the warewashing areas by securing all the dinnerware on a strong and reliable storage cart

Whether the meal delivery or assembly wares are drying or waiting in line for washing, our storage carts can protect them against accidental drops! Ware washing is an essential task to maintain the dinnerware’s sanitation. Our heavy-duty carts offer a smart and efficient solution that can best maintain both the sanitation and safety of the wares. There are different types available for drying and storage carts and all of them are guaranteed durable and dependable. Metal and high-density composite plastic are popular choices of materials due to their superb longevity and resistance to corrosion. These materials are formed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and tiers to accommodate small to large-volume of domes.

The metal drying and storage carts are completely welded to their horizontal and vertical supports to form an upright, one-piece body. For the plastic carts, their horizontal and vertical supports are molded and designed for an easy assembly. Both feature a flexible set of casters to provide the mobility they need to successfully fulfill their functions. The casters are mounted at the base corners of the dome carts. It is normally fitted with brakes to provide stability when immobile. Cradles and their supports are often included.

The features for each dome cart may still change depending on their brand. Discover them all here! Browse our catalog now to see our complete selection, including the parts and accessories available for each commercial cart.