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Customization & Modifications

Customization & Modifications

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Customization and Modification

Elevate the appearance or functionality of various culinary equipment with our customization and modification products

Make cooking units and other restaurant equipment more convenient by furnishing them with our customization and modification offerings! Even the most successful foodservice establishments could still improve themselves. Restaurant equipment could always be reconfigured for greater serviceability. The food service staff can always go the extra mile when serving customers. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer an extensive selection of customization and modification products. Comprised of essential add-ons, custom-made attachments, and premium-quality parts and accessories, these items are certain to enhance the way things are done in the kitchen.

We offer all kinds of dispensers that both employees and patrons will find useful. Establishments can get soap dispensers, sanitizer dispensers, towel dispensers, or a large, compartmentalized unit that offers all these. Additional oven or refrigerator racks come in different sizes and capacities, while replacement levers can be used to switch out old, malfunctioning ones. Stainless steel sink bowls can also be added to utility sinks to streamline cooking and cleaning tasks.

Custom-made cutting boards are available to allow cooks to maximize their chef bases or prep stations. To enliven the work area and boost productivity levels, facilities can be decorated with specially crafted graphics or novelty magnets. Take the next step in bringing the establishment to greater heights! Browse our catalog now for the right customization and modification products to get more out of existing kitchen units.