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Countertop Gas Griddle and Flat Top Grill

Countertop Gas Griddle and Flat Top Grill

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Countertop Gas Griddles and Flat Top Grills

Make perfectly cooked snacks with our countertop gas griddles and flat top grills

The countertop-styled commercial grills are essential cooking equipment for foodservice establishments with limited space. These countertop gas griddles and flat top grills are designed with burners beneath the griddle plates which can achieve heat more quickly and cool down faster than electric griddles. These griddles feature a compact unit that can conveniently be placed on any kitchen countertops. It is also made portable! Kitchen staff can freely move it anywhere for as long as power and ventilation requirements are provided.

Our selection offers a full line of countertop gas griddles and flat top grills that can be used for standard, medium, and heavy-duty culinary applications. They come in a variety of sizes and number of burners to ensure each can meet the low- or high-volume grilling needs of busy foodservice operations. The flat-top grills can also feature either manual controls or thermostatic controls wherein users are allowed to set the temperature during the cooking process. Manual controls include general high, medium, and low-temperature settings. While thermostatic controls let users set an exact temperature.

For our countertop griddles, each may include thick griddle plates allowing more heat to be stored and faster recovery. These abilities are most advantageous when cooking frozen products. However, these features may still change depending on the manufacturers. To learn more about our countertop gas griddles and flat-top grills, browse our catalog now!