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Cook and Hold Ovens / Cabinet

Cook and Hold Ovens / Cabinet

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Cook and Hold Ovens

Prepare delicious foods conveniently with our cook and hold ovens

Cook and hold ovens are reliable and versatile cooking equipment in most commercial kitchens. Our catalog offers a full line of cook and hold ovens that will surely suit the needs of various foodservice establishments. The cook and hold ovens are engineered to cook, hold, and heat foods all at once. With this featured versatility, establishments can cut costs from purchasing numerous cooking equipment to execute different cooking methods. To accommodate various kitchen layouts and area sizes, we offer cook and hold ovens with different cabinet styles - undercounter, half-height, full-height, pass-through, and countertop. Each oven cabinet style has its unique set of features and specifications.

The undercounter, half-height, and countertop oven cabinets are the smart choice for commercial kitchens with limited space or only cater to small-batch cooking. While the full-height and pass-through ovens are perfect for simultaneous and high-volume cooking. A few of the great options for cook and hold ovens are the rethermalization and smoke ovens. The rethermalization ovens are suitable for heating pre-cooked dishes, slow roasting, and more. While the smoke ovens are ideal for infusing rustic flavors into the food. This type of cook and hold ovens are constructed with either single or double sections that can accommodate low- to high-volume of foods.

To help kitchen staff easily transport these cook and hold oven cabinets, our selection carries units that are mounted on casters. With their added mobility, the transporting and cleaning process is made much easier and safer. When it comes to the interior, these cook and hold cabinets are designed with either shelves or slides giving the staff the options for a specific style of cooking. Additionally, these cook and hold ovens are guaranteed easy to install. To learn more about our cook and hold ovens, browse our catalog now!