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Condiment Cart

Condiment Cart

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Condiment Carts

Complete the condiment station with a sanitary and heavy-duty food service cart

Equip the back- and front-of-house operation with a dependable and functional condiment cart. Get the best condiment dispensing unit here at Culinary Depot! The commercial foodservice carts we offer are the best in its class because their construction is focused on providing extreme durability and sanitation. Both are delivered by constructing the entire body, or most, of the condiment cart using commercial-grade metal. Stainless steel is the popular choice because of its professional, modern appearance and impressive resistance to various elements such as corrosion, heat, and impact. Cleanliness is always an important factor to ensure dispensing of the condiments in a safe and sanitary manner. Thanks to the steel’s smooth finish, the condiment cart is easy to clean.

Stainless steel is expertly processed to form in different shapes and sizes. The condiment carts are available in two model versions – stationary and mobile. Each of the versions can feature an open base or enclosed design. Both designs are built with a solid top and base. The top section may contain 1 to 12 pumps or condiment caddies. Convenient and precise dispensing is the advantage of our condiment carts. For this reason, each pump of the foodservice carts can be manually operated by hand or foot.

The base of the condiment carts varies on the design. The open base carts feature a number of undershelves for additional storage space. While the enclosed carts are built with a cabinet. This cabinet is completed with a locking device for added security. All these components are securely welded on the condiment cart’s body. For mobile model units, a set of casters are included. It includes a locking system for guaranteed stability when immobile. Corner bumpers are usually added to protect the walls, furniture, and kitchen equipment from damages when the carts accidentally bumped into them.

The exact features included per condiment cart are determined by the brand. Browse our catalog now to see our complete selection!