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Commercial Work Tables and Stations

Commercial Work Tables and Stations

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Commercial Work Tables and Stations

Optimize the kitchen’s functionality with a durable work table

Upgrade the operation’s work flow by adding high-quality and commercially-approved work tables. Equipping the operation with the right size and style of work tables and prep stations is an effective method to fully maximize the kitchen space while preventing cross-contamination. We have a large selection of professional work tables and prep stations that comes in a variety of sizes. Small or large-sized operation, we got it all cover!

The basic work tables available are made of 18-gauge stainless steel. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and mounted with four legs for stability. This is effective to use as an extension of workspace, food preparation, and other general, light-duty tasks. For medium to heavy use, we offer the work tables that are built with heavier gauge and type of stainless steel. Galvanized steel is often added to improve its durability and longevity. Now, the staff can pound and tenderize the meat and the work surface will remain free from scratches and dents. Other materials used are premium-quality wood. The wood top work tables are ideal to use for baking preparations.

There are two designs available for our work tables – open base and enclosed. The free space under the open base work table is perfect for placing any undercounter equipment or waste bins. While the enclosed design provides additional storage units. This is ideal to keep all the kitchen supplies and ingredients within reach. A few of the enclosed work tables feature a locking system to protect the content from theft.

Food preparations are not only performed inside the kitchen. Keep the work station on-the-go by getting a mobile counter. Our mobile counters are mounted with flexible casters and a sturdy work surface. There are a few brand models that are welded with a hand sink and undershelves for added convenience. These are only a few of the many impressive types of work tables and stations we offer. To know more, browse our catalog now!

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