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Commercial Drop-In Griddle and Flat Top Grill

Commercial Drop-In Griddle and Flat Top Grill

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Commercial Flat Top Grills and Drop-in Griddles

Cook signature dishes with ease and flair with a reliable drop-in griddle or flat top grill cooktop

Use our cutting-edge drop-in griddles and flat top grills to ensure the food is beautifully cooked inside and out! To cook fabulous dishes, some commercial kitchens sacrifice valuable space to accommodate hulking equipment. Taking this pain point into account, our brand partners have designed the most space-efficient cooking equipment. Here at Culinary Depot, we offer the most extensive collection of countertop griddles and flat top grills. Boasting a very sleek, compact design, these electric griddles can be mounted flush to the top of any kitchen counter. They are perfect for small diners and food carts with limited space to spare. Furthermore, they come virtually ready to use right out of the box and are easy to install.

With a variety of burner configurations and sizes, operators are sure to find the most suitable commercial flat top grills and griddles for specific needs. Electric drop-in griddles boast control features that promote safety and mitigate accidental temperature fluctuations. Most units come with drip trays or grease collectors for quick, straightforward cleanups. These trays also encourage regularly used oil disposal, which is conducive to preserving the freshness of food. Detachable splash guards also prevent the counter or the equipment itself from accumulating grease. Constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel and other robust, hardwearing materials, these griddles exhibit superior performance and impact resistance.

Browse our catalog now for commercial drop-in griddles and flat top grills of various designs, sizes, heating power, and the same unparalleled quality!