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Coffee Cup Sleeve

Coffee Cup Sleeve

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Coffee Cup Sleeves

Ensure safe coffee drinking and evoke a strong brand impression with custom cup sleeves

A great tasting coffee combined with a comfortable drinking experience creates an impressionable service. Achieve this by dressing coffee cups with custom coffee sleeves! Coffees are best served hot and fresh. However, they may be hard to hold and drink in such a state. Allow customers and guests to have a comfortable drinking experience by serving cups of coffee with cup holder sleeves! Mostly made from paper, coffee sleeves insulate coffee heat to make hand-holding of the cup easier. Additionally, they present a corrugated design—alternating ridges and grooves—to prevent slipping and provide a better cup grip. There are also reusable coffee sleeves made from environmentally-friendly materials like cloth. They have the same benefits as paper cup sleeves while reducing waste.

To accommodate small to tall cups, we offer coffee cup sleeves of different sizes. We also have designs in different colors and patterns to match with various café brands and interiors. To improve brand impression, get custom cup sleeves! Place logos and texts on a cup holder sleeve to personalize the product. Check our catalog now to see our full collection. Purchase coffee sleeves and provide a cup sleeve with every cup of coffee starting today!