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Clear Hinged Take-Out Container

Clear Hinged Take-Out Container

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Clear Hinged Takeout Containers

Allow customers to bring their orders home safely by packaging products in high-quality clear takeout containers

Ensure that customers’ orders are safely and securely packaged with our reliable plastic takeout containers! With the widespread health and safety concerns at present, food deliveries and order takeout have become more popular than ever. However, customers tend to crave foods that are normally consumed outdoors or at restaurant tables. To help satisfy these demands, Culinary Depot offers a wide range of clear hinged food containers. Otherwise known as clamshell containers or clamshell packaging, these containers are comprised of two halves joined by a hinged area for a substantially secure seal. They are perfect for packaging ready-to-eat products like sushi and rice balls. They are also ideal for merchandising sandwiches, salads, pastries, desserts, and more!

Made of durable, transparent plastic, our clear hinged takeout containers promote easy product identification. With just one glance, employees can conduct a quick inventory and prevent customers’ orders from getting mixed up. These containers also feature hinged lids with dual-snap closures for trouble-free opening and closing. Though significantly lighter than other plastic containers, they share the same food-safe characteristics and seal in freshness just as effectively. Peruse clear takeout containers in various sizes, capacities, designs, and even shapes like square, rectangle, oval, and wedge! Browse our catalog now to ensure that customers will receive their orders with the aromas, textures, and flavors still intact!