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Chinese / Asian Take-Out Container

Chinese / Asian Take-Out Container

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Chinese and Asian Take-Out Containers

Stock up Chinese take-out boxes to securely hold the guest’s food while on transport

There’s nothing more convenient for food establishments than to stock up durable to-go containers for guests to take their food home spill-free! Our disposable containers are primarily used as to-go containers in various foodservice establishments that offer Asian cuisines. One fun fact – these Chinese take-out boxes are also known as oyster pails because it was originally designed to hold oysters. Due to their reliability to hold various food types, other Asian countries adapted the use of these containers in their authentic restaurants. These Chinese and Asian take-out boxes are usually made of plastic-coated paperboard and designed with folded interlocking flaps. This design is intended to ensure the safety of food while preventing them from spilling out of the container.

Our Chinese take-out boxes selection provides a variety of sizes to accommodate small to large portions of food. We carry Asian take-out containers in different colors such as white, brown, black, and red. They also come in different styles and colored patterns to elevate their aesthetic appeal. Since these oyster pails are made of paper, it can be easily disposed of after use. This helps in maintaining the area organized and sanitary. Our line of Asian take-out containers is a must-have! Here, we offer high-quality to-go containers at an affordable price. To learn more about our selection of Chinese take-out boxes and other food packaging supplies, browse our catalog now!