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Chafer Griddles and Chafing Stand

Chafer Griddles and Chafing Stand

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Chafer Griddles and Stands

Complete the food table with heavy-duty griddles and decorative chafing stands

Attractively display the commercial griddles on a sturdy and eye-catching chafing stand! Keeping the food at their ideal serving temperature is essential to maintain. Not only this will prevent shouldering costly food wastage, but also save the guests from potential health hazards. For catered events or buffet-style operations, the best warming equipment to add is the chafer griddles. This is durably made of wrought iron, cast iron, or stainless steel. The first two materials are the traditional material choices due to their proven high tensile strength. The stainless steel is used to construct the modern design of chafer griddles. This is often finished with a smooth or hammered stainless steel finish that can effectively conceal tear and wear. All materials are impact, heat, and corrosion-resistant. Other materials used are determined by the brand.

Save time in cleaning! All the commercial griddles we carry feature a smooth cooking surface. Other brands we supply further improve the convenience by making them dishwasher safe. Carry the chafer griddles safely and effortlessly is possible thanks to the ergonomic set of handles built on it. There are different methods to heat the dishes on this food warming equipment and these are via chafer fuel, induction, or oven. From warming breakfast foods to displaying desserts, the chafer griddles are the right catering equipment for the job! Make sure to highlight its beauty using a chafing stand!

No need to look elsewhere because we have a wide range of basic and decorative chafing stands. These stands are exclusively built to elevate the griddle to maximize its visibility. Not to mention, it prevents the table's contaminants from reaching the food. They usually feature an open and enclosed design that may come with built-in support for the chafer fuel. Wire, metal, plastic, and wood are popular material choices for these stands.

These are only a few of the chafer griddle and stand designs included in our catalog. Get to know them all by visiting our catalog now! Other chafer accessories are also offered.