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Chafer Accessories

Chafer Accessories

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Chafer Accessories

Complete the chafing dishes with their compatible accessories to further improve their function

Beautifully arrange the chafers on the food service table. Don't forget to smartly accessorize them to ensure their full utilization! Accessories are commonly used for improving one’s style. But for the chafer, accessories are expertly built to boost their functions. No matter how small the accessory needed, we got it all covered! We carry a wide range of chafer accessories that can be made in an assortment of materials. Each material possesses a unique set of characteristics that guarantee to provide the accessory with long-term durability and an attractive appearance. Also, the material can support their function. All materials are crafted in different shapes and sizes. Colors can be added for a decorative touch and quick identification.

The chafer accessories are suitable to use for indoor and outdoor applications. Wherever the event is going to be held, make sure to equip them with a wind guard. This acts as a protective barrier to prevent the wind from blowing the chafer fuel. Other accessories that provide protection are the cover, anti-skid pad, and stand. The chafer cover is designed for two purposes: ensure that no contaminants can reach the food and maintain the food at proper serving temperature. These covers come in different styles. The standard cover features simple lift-off access. It has an ergonomic-designed handle on top to make it easy to lift and carry.

Hinged covers offer hassle-free access. It also has lift-off access. But thanks to its hinged side, the cover can stay open at 45- and/or 90-degree angles. The shape of the covers depends on the shape of their compatible chafing dishes. The chafer stand is built to increase the height of the dishes to keep all the table's dirt away from the food. Most of the stands we carry feature an open and enclosed design and includes a built-in support for the chafer fuel. These can be durably made of wire, metal, plastic, and wood.

These are only a few of the chafer accessories included in our catalog. To know more, visit our catalog now!