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Cappuccino / Hot Chocolate Dispenser

Cappuccino / Hot Chocolate Dispenser

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Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate Dispensers

Get a premium food-grade hot beverage dispenser and enjoy serving the customers with their favorite hot drink

Make exceptional cappuccino or hot chocolate and dispense them using our top-notch beverage dispenser to ensure they are at the right temperatures when served! We have a wide range of cappuccino and hot chocolate dispensers that guarantee to fit small to large-sized beverage service operation. These beverage dispensers are expertly designed with a sleek and eye-catching body, making them perfect to use for both front and back of house operations. Its attractive appearance is added with illuminated front graphics to ensure they will receive more attention and sales. In terms of durability, they will never disappoint because they are constructed with robust and food-safe materials.

The front side of the cappuccino and hot chocolate dispensers usually feature hoppers, hot water tank, dispenser heads, a drip tray, and a control board. The hoppers and hot water tanks come in a variety of capacities. While the dispenser heads are built with different portion sizes. Each dispenser head is paired either with a single or multiple size portion control or push and hold control. This control system allows the operator to dispense precisely and quickly. A cup clearance is made between the dispenser heads and drip tray to accommodate specific cup sizes. The exact components included per hot drink dispenser is determined by the brand model.

The control boards included on the cappuccino and hot chocolate dispensers are engineered for simple operation. This allows the operator to set its functions and access different information such as technical support contact information, machine statuses, and more. This hot beverage dispenser is electrically powered. Therefore, it must stay connected to its dedicated power source for it to operate seamlessly. There are different types available for the cappuccino and hot chocolate dispensers but the popular choice is the powder base. It is paired with an intelligent mixing technology to eradicate the potential of clogging or caking.

These are only a few of the features and designs available in our catalog. To know more about our great offers, browse our catalog now! We also offer replacement parts and accessories from various brand models.